3 Ways to Improve Asset Utilization Through Better Scheduled Maintenance

Posted in Fleet Maintenance on July 23, 2015

The reality is that no fleet gets 100 percentage utilization out of an asset. Some factors, like drivers' Hours of Operation, are outside the fleet manager's control. Others, like maintenance, may have a positive or negative impact depending on how well the preventive maintenance (PM) program is executed.

To ensure your PM program helps boost your asset utilization, start by focusing on these three keys to better scheduled maintenance.

  1. Set appropriate schedules: You need to make sure PMs take place at the proper intervals. A good place to start is with manufacturer's recommendations and DOT requirements. Remember to also factor in seasonal maintenance. It's best to try to individualize maintenance based on factors like length of haul, type of haul, terrain, etc. Once you have the schedule planned, use asset age and mileage or hour data from telematics to trigger maintenance schedules by asset type.

  1. Track and measure PM currency: Develop a notification system that alerts you about upcoming scheduled PM services. Use technology that provides visibility into upcoming PM events. It's also important to track completed PM service. You can use this information to pinpoint areas where completion rates and timeliness are not in line with your targets. You can also use it to reinforce best practices throughout your organization. If you aren't tracking PM currency, how will you know if your trucks have been in for necessary maintenance? Missed maintenance appointments can lead to disruptive, costly and time-consuming on-the-road breakdowns.

  1. Bundle service events: Make the most of the time your asset is in for its PM service. If service campaigns and recalls are kept as part of the asset's service history, they can be handled during a scheduled PM service. This eliminates having to take the asset off the road again for service.

Take the Next Step

Follow these steps and track changes in total service events, breakdowns between PMs and PM currency. If you would like to learn additional ways to improve your fleet's profitability, read more here.

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