4 Ways to Achieve Better Fleet Efficiency

Posted in Fleet TCO on September 14, 2015

Trucking is a highly competitive industry and fleets can't slow down for a minute. To keep moving full speed ahead, fleet professionals need to constantly find ways to improve their fleet maintenance management process and achieve profitability goals.

Here are four ways to achieve better fleet efficiency while lowering cost-per-mile and total cost of ownership.

  1. Have real-time access to information during maintenance and repair events: This allows for quicker and better decision-making. It also allows you to see trouble spots — such as delays (both with parts availability and shop space) — that impact your asset utilization rate.

  2. Improve communication during maintenance and repair events: Efficient communication reduces (or eliminates) wasted time waiting for faxes or playing phone tag. This means repairs are expedited and notification is provided as soon as a vehicle is ready to return to service. Plus you can reduce overpaying for unauthorized repairs and maximize your warranty dollar recapture.

  3. Track preventive maintenance and currency: Trucks that are maintained at proper intervals are less likely to break down, receive fewer CSA violations and have lower operating costs. Making sure your PM service is completed on your assets is key to reaping those benefits.

  4. Integrate your service supply ecosystem: When you integrate everyone in the service supply chain, one portal contains all the needed information and provides anytime, anywhere access to in-context information from manufacturers, suppliers, third-party service providers, etc. Mobile technology can be used to speed up vehicle inspections and check-ins, and the data captured during these events automatically becomes part of the asset's case file. Also, telematics data can be leveraged, providing fault code information about the asset that helps with setting maintenance schedules.


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