Fleets, Providers Discuss Maintenance at Decisiv Summit

Posted in Fleet Maintenance on December 8, 2015

The 6th annual Decisiv Maintenance Summit took place recently at Decisiv's headquarters in Glen Allen, VA. Over the five-day event, representatives from leading fleets and service providers came together to discuss critical issues affecting fleet maintenance in the trucking and transportation industries.

Fleets and Providers: Areas of Agreement

Fleets and providers were in agreement in the following areas:

  • The importance of improving the warranty process: Fleets mainly want to maximize coverage, while service providers prioritize maximizing repair reimbursements.

  • The ineffectiveness of current customer satisfaction measurements: Fleets and service providers agreed that current customer satisfaction measurement tactics are ineffective, as surveys are generally sent to accounts payable personnel who have little to no connection to service and repair events.

  • The need for more OEM information at the point of service: Fleets and service providers agreed that more access to key OEM information (warranty, service bulletins, recalls, shared network service history and preventive maintenance status) at the point of service would yield more efficient processes and improved uptime.

Communication Between Fleets and Providers Has Room for Improvement

Despite advances gained from using technologies such as Service Relationship Management (SRM), conversations revealed that fleets and service providers still need to focus more on communication with one another.

Providers expressed frustration at getting requests from fleets to expedite repairs, only to see those same assets remain in their lots for days after the repair is completed.

Fleets, in turn, expressed frustrations that providers weren't doing enough to:

  • Rapidly conduct triage and provide an initial estimate in a timely fashion

  • Provide accurate and timely ETRs during the service or repair event

  • Accommodate customer-requested appointment and completion times

Pre-event surveys also revealed a surprising discrepancy between fleets and service providers regarding the importance of VMRS coding. Fleets ranked this as the most important service event management attribute, while service providers ranked it last.

Improving Collaboration Between Fleets and Service Providers

All in all, the summit provided fleets, service providers and manufacturers an opportunity to learn from one another and brainstorm ideas for improving fleet maintenance, increasing efficiency and maximizing uptime. By communicating and collaborating through a Service Relationship Management (SRM) platform, all parties agreed they should be able to continue to experience gains.

Check back to the Decisiv blog in the coming weeks for more detailed updates on the summit.

Fleet Managers and Service Providers, Join the Conversation

What are your main frustrations with service event management? Where do you see the most opportunities to improve fleet maintenance? Please share your thoughts by posting a comment below.

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